Overwatch Pro Settings

On this page you will find an updated list with mouse settings (DPI, polling rate, sensetivity), video settings (resolution, Hz, aspect ratio, FOV), hardware setups (mouse, monitor, keyboard, PC, headset, chair etc.), configs and general info from proffesional Overwatch players and gamers.

If you see any incorrect or missing information, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below (preferable with a source). This helps us keeping the list up to date at all time.

Click on the player name to see more information and details about their settings & setups. You will also find links to their social media accounts here (Twitch, Twitter, YouTube etc.), if they have one.


PlayerTeamRoleGame Sens.Zoom Sens.DPIeDPIHzCm/360°ResolutionFOVMonitor HzKeyboardMouseMousepadHeadsetChair
DSPStanky Streamers, YouTubersSupport1018001800010007.701920x1080103144SteelSeries APEXRazer DeathAdder Chroma
chipshajen Team EnVyUsSupport5388004000100034.641920×1080103BenQ XL2411Z144SteelSeries 7GZowie FK1Zowie G-SRHyperX Cloud Revolver
HarryHook Team EnVyUsDPS6308004800100028.861920×1080103BenQ XL2430T144Corsair Strafe RBGZowie FK1Zowie G-SRHyperX Cloud Revolver
cocco Team EnVyUsTank43016006400100021.651920×1080BenQ XL2430T144Corsair STRAFE Cherry MX SilentZowie EC1-AZowie G-SRHyperX Cloud Revolver
Taimou Team EnVyUsDPS2.75358002200100062.981920×1080103BenQ XL2411Z144Corsair Strafe RGBZowie EC2-AZowie G-SRHyperX Cloud Revolver
Mickie Team EnVyUsFlex11284004400100031.491920×1080103BenQ XL2411Z144Corsair STRAFEZowie EC2-AZowie G-SRHyperX Cloud Revolver
INTERNETHULK Team EnVyUsSupport, Flex6348004800100028.861920×1080103BenQ XL2430T144CODE Mechanical KeyboardZowie FK1Zowie G-SRHyperX Cloud Revolver
iddqd NRG EsportsDPS7304503150100043.981920×1080103BenQ XL2430T144Logitech G810Razer DeathAdderLogitech G640SteelSeries Siberia Elite
dummy NRG EsportsSupport1238400480028.861920×1080103BenQ XL2430T144Razer BlackWidow ChromaRazer DeathAdder ChromaRazer Goliathus SpeedHyperX Cloud Revolver
CLOCKWORK NRG EsportsDPS68004800100028.861920×1080103BenQ XL2430T120CM Storm QuickFireLogitech G403Logitech G240Sennheiser HD 598
numlocked NRG EsportsTank7160011200100012.371920×1080103BenQ XL2411T144Logitech G410Logitech G403Logitech G240 Cloth MousepadHyperX Cloud II
Enigma NRG EsportsFlex6358004800100028.861920×1080103BenQ XL2540240Noppoo Choc Mini Blue SwitchesLogitech G100sZowie G-SRHyperX Cloud Revolver
Milo NRG EsportsTank8298006400100021.651920×1080103BenQ XL2540240Logitech G410Logitech G403Logitech G240 Cloth MousepadHyperX Cloud II
Roflgator FnaticCoach640800480028.861920×1080103144
Vonethil FnaticSupport, Flex531800400050034.641920×1080103BenQ XL2430T144Fnatic Gear Rush G1Fnatic Gear FlickFnatic Gear Focus XLDXRacer Fnatic
Custa FnaticSupport, Flex4388003200100043.301920×1080103BenQ XL2411144Fnatic Gear RushFnatic ClutchFnatic Focus ClothAudio Technica ATH-AD700XDXRacer Fnatic
Stoop FnaticTank5.538800440050031.491920×1080103BenQ XL2430T144Fnatic Rush G1Fnatic FlickFnatic Gear Focus XLSennheiser G4ME ONEDXRacer Fnatic
coolmatt69 FnaticFlex540700350050039.581920×1080103ASUS VG248QE144Corsair K70Fnatic Flick G1Fnatic Focus Pro Gaming ClothHyperX Cloud IIDXRacer Fnatic
buds FnaticDPS1040400400050034.641368x768103BenQ XL2430T144Fnatic Rush G1Final Mouse - Classic ErgoFnatic Pro Gaming ClothHyperX Cloud IIDXRacer Fnatic
Fragi Ninjas in PyjamasTank6358004800100028.861920×1080103BenQ XL2411Z144Xtrfy XG1-R LEDZowie FK2Xtrfy XTP1Superlux HD-681 EVODX Racer - NiP
Zuppehw Ninjas in PyjamasSupport, Flex1920×1080103BenQ XL2411Z144XG1-R LEDZowie EC1-AXTP1-L4-NiP-VOHyperX Cloud IIDX Racer - NiP
zappis Ninjas in PyjamasDPS, Support535800400050034.641920×1080103BenQ XL2411Z144Xtrfy XG1-R LEDLogitech G403XTP1-L4-NiP-VOHyperX Cloud IDX Racer - NiP
kyynel Ninjas in PyjamasSupport7307505250100026.391650x1050103BenQ XL2411Z144ASUS CerberusLogitech G400sSteelSeries QcK+Sennheiser PC 360DX Racer - NiP
hymzi Ninjas in PyjamasFlex737800560050024.741600x900103Acer XB270HU144Logitech G710+Zowie FK2SteelSeries QcK HeavyBeyerdynamic MMX300
mafu Ninjas in PyjamasDPS, Flex4.5358003600100038.481920×1080103LG Flatron W2363D144Rosewill RK-9000V2 BRRazer DeathAdder 2013SteelSeries QcK+Beyerdynamic DT 880
Seagull NRG EsportsDPS34016004800500291920×1080103BenQ XL2411Z240Logitech G410Logitech G Pro Gaming MouseLogitech G640HyperX Cloud Revolver

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