ProSettings is a website for gamers and people who are interested in esports. We aim to provide a database with settings and gaming gear from pro players in various games all around the world. The goal is that people have one place to find inspiration to what gear and which settings to use for specific games.

Instead of spending many hours of research and fiddling with game settings, we hope that we will make it easier for our users to find the right gear before purchasing it and the right settings to use in a specific game.

We have done the hard job of analyzing hundreds of pro players, and spend further amount of time on research and finding the best gaming gear available. We are avid gamers ourselves, and have been on the top of the ranks and leaderboards in many different games, so we know what top tier players want from their gear. We spend a lot of time on research and gathering data. One thing we also take into consideration, is that a lot of pro esports players are sponsored – they might not always use the best gear available, but rather what they got from their teams sponsor. We have no interest in any specific gear or brand, we are 100% independent. We benefit from affiliate income, but it does not matter which brand our user choose. We will simply provide the best options available.

If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact us.