New York Excelsior

The New York Excelsior (abbreviated to NYXL) is the team representing New York, USA, in the Overwatch League. The team is owned by Jeff Wilpon, the COO of the baseball team The New York Mets. The word “Excelsior” comes from Latin and translates to “Ever Upward”.

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New York Excelsior Overwatch Roster

Republic of Korea ArK Hong Yeon-joon (홍연준)
Republic of Korea JJoNak Seong-Hyun Bang (방성현)
Republic of Korea Pine Kim Do-hyeon (김도현)
Republic of Korea Meko Kim Tae-hong (김태홍)
Republic of Korea Mano Kim Dong-gyu (김동규)
Republic of Korea Libero Kim Hae-seong (김해성)
Republic of Korea Janus Song Joon-hwa (송준화)
Republic of Korea Anamo Jung Tae-sung (정태성)
Republic of Korea Saebyeolbe Park Jong-ryeol (박종렬)