Team Liquid

Team Liquid is a professional esports organization founded in 2000. It was founded in the Netherlands as a Brood War clan, but later switched to StarCraft2. It has professional teams competing in StarCraft 2, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Street Fighter, Quake, PUBG, Fifa and more.

On this page you can find the lastest and best competitive settings used by professional Team Liquid players and streamers. Our big database and list include the best Team Liquid mouse settings, crosshair, keybindings, DPI, ViewModel settings, configs, resolution as well as video & graphics settings. Besides this, we have also collected pro players’ hardware setups including which mousepad, headset, monitor, chair, gaming mouse and keyboard they use.

Team Liquid Counter-Strike Global Offensive Roster

United States of America EliGE Jonathan Jablonowski K/D ratio: 1.09 Rating: 1.07
Canada NAF Keith Markovic K/D ratio: 1.14 Rating: 1.09
United States of America nitr0 Nick Cannella K/D ratio: 1.04 Rating: 1.02
Brazil TACO Epitacio de Melo K/D ratio: 0.98 Rating: 0.95
Canada Twistzz Russel Van Dulken K/D ratio: 1.2 Rating: 1.14

Team Liquid Fortnite Roster

United States of America Poach Jake Brumleve
United States of America Chap Ryan Chaplo
United States of America 72hrs Thomas Mulligan
United States of America Vivid Noah
United States of America Strafesh0t Adam Crawford