Team Fnatic is a professional esports organization with headquarters in London. The organization is a world leader in many games, such as Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO and Halo. The organization was founded in July 2004 by Sam Mathews with help from Nader Atoui and Anne Mathews.

Find the latest settings, best gaming gear, and sensitivity used by competitive pro players from Fnatic esports team. Our database and list include Fnatic players resolution, keybindings, ViewModel, DPI, mouse settings, crosshair, configs as well as video & graphics settings. Besides this, we have also collected the players’ hardware setups including which headset, keyboard, gaming mouse, monitor, mousepad and chair they use.

Fnatic Counter-Strike Global Offensive Roster

Sweden KRiMZ Freddy Johansson K/D ratio: 1.13 Rating: 1.07
Sweden flusha Robin Rönnquist K/D ratio: 1.13 Rating: 1.08
Sweden JW Jesper Wecksell K/D ratio: 1.11 Rating: 1.08
Sweden Jumpy Jimmy Berndtsson
Sweden Xizt Richard Landström K/D ratio: 1.07 Rating: 1.02
Sweden Golden Maikil Selim K/D ratio: 0.92 Rating: 0.98

Fnatic Fortnite Roster

Lithuania ErycTriceps Erikas Vaitkevicius
Italy POW3R Giorgio Calandrelli
Sweden Ettnix Johan Bengtsson
Denmark Jarl Christoffer Jensen