Cloud9 is a North American esports organisation which was founded in 2012. C9 started out as a small League of Legends team but as they qualified for the League of Legends Championship Series for the first time, Jack Etienne decided to pick the team. Since then they have grown and expanded with teams into games like CS:GO, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Smite, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Wii U, Dota 2, Rocket League, Heroes of the Storm and Halo.

Find the latest settings, sensitivity, and best gaming gear used by competitive pro players from Cloud9 esports team. Our comprehensive database and list include Cloud9 players DPI, resolution, configs, keybindings, crosshair, ViewModel, mouse settings as well as video & graphics settings. Besides this, we have also collected the players’ hardware setups including which keyboard, headset, gaming mouse, monitor, mousepad and chair they use.

Cloud9 Counter-Strike Global Offensive Roster

United States of America autimatic Timothy Ta K/D ratio: 1.13 Rating: 1.09
Canada FNS Pujan Mehta K/D ratio: 0.9 Rating: 0.9
United States of America RUSH Will Wierzba K/D ratio: 1.07 Rating: 1.04
United States of America Skadoodle Tyler Latham K/D ratio: 1.17 Rating: 1.07
United States of America tarik Tarik Celik K/D ratio: 1.1 Rating: 1.07

Cloud9 Fortnite Roster

United States of America Bandit Jared Jones
Republic of Korea Trona Jun Hyeong Choi
Canada Shroud Michael Grzesiek
United States of America Hysteria Jacob Reiser
United States of America Boss Brennan Amiott
United States of America Criz Christian Rizk
United States of America Shivsy Clemente Ibarra

Cloud9 Apex Legends Roster

United States of America Skadoodle Tyler Latham

Cloud9 Realm Royale Roster

Canada Shroud Michael Grzesiek


Canada Shroud Michael Grzesiek