Free Agents

A free agent is a player who is currently not under contract with any organization, team or franchise.

Here you will find the latest settings, sensitivity and best gaming gear used by competitive pro players that are currently not signed with a team. Our database and list include the best free agents configs, resolution, keybindings, DPI, crosshair, mouse settings, ViewModel settings as well as video & graphics settings. Besides this, we have also collected the players’ hardware setups including which gaming mouse, headset, mousepad, chair, keyboard and monitor they use.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Free Agents

Denmark Friis Michael Jørgensen K/D ratio: 1.05 Rating: 1.01
Poland SOON Michał Wójcicki K/D ratio: 0.98 Rating: 0.96
Denmark AnJ Allan Jensen K/D ratio: 1.14 Rating: 1.08
Canada LILMAN Derrick Boyne K/D ratio: 0.95 Rating: 0.96
United States of America DaZeD Sam Marine K/D ratio: 1.12 Rating: 1.08
Germany r0bs3n Robin Stephan K/D ratio: 0.96 Rating: 0.96
France Fuks Simon Florysiak K/D ratio: 0.9 Rating: 0.9
Belarus spaz Sergey Skrypchik K/D ratio: 1.02 Rating: 1.02
United States of America arya Arya Hekmat K/D ratio: 0.9 Rating: 0.92
Denmark maeVe Lasse Elgaard K/D ratio: 0.98 Rating: 0.96

Fortnite Free Agents

United States of America iDroPz_BoDiEs Michael
United States of America Reverse2k Carlos
United States of America Kayuun Justin Ha
Netherlands Martoz
United Kingdom Benjyfishy Benjy
Russian Federation F1veSkill Maga Edilgireev
United Kingdom Pamdy James Haynes
United States of America Lasius Antonio Dones
Canada jojopyun Joseph
United States of America Morgausse Austin Etue

Overwatch Free Agents

United States of America enigma Carl Yangsheng
Finland mafu Lauri Rasi
Finland hymzi Kalle Honkala
Finland kyynel Antti Kinnunen
Sweden Vonethil Oliver Lager
United States of America Milo Yomar Toldeo