Comparison: Nvidia RTX 20xx vs 30xx Series

Nvidia recently released their new line of consumer graphics cards – the Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 series.

We have compiled a list of all the specs available, so you can get the full overview of the cards.

GTX 100 Ti vs RTX 2070 Super vs RTX 2080 Super vs RTX 2080 Ti vs RTX 3070 vs RTX 3080 vs 3090.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 series vs RTX 20 series

FeatureGTX 1080 TiRTX 2070 SuperRTX 2080 SuperRTX 2080 TiRTX 3070RTX 3080RTX 3090
Cheapest PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon
General Specs
Die Size471 mm545 mm545 mm754 mm450 mm627 mm627 mm
GPU Gen1000200020002000300030003000
GPU NameGeforce GTXGeForce RTXGeForce RTXGeForce RTXGeForce RTXGeForce RTXGeForce RTX
Interface Lane Speed985 MB/s985 MB/s985 MB/s985 MB/s1970 MB/s1970 MB/s1970 MB/s
Interface Lanes16x16x16x16x16x16x16x
Interface TypePCI 3.0PCI 3.0PCI 3.0PCI 3.0PCI 4.0PCI 4.0PCI 4.0
Price (MSRP)$699$499$699$999$499$699$1499
Technology16 nm12 nm12 nm12 nm8 nm8 nm8 nm
Transistors11800 million13600 million13600 million18600 million18000 million28000 million28000 million
Speed and Performance
Clock – Base1481 MHz1605 MHz1605 MHz1350 MHz1500 MHz1440 MHz1410 MHz
Clock – Boost1582 MHz1770 MHz1815 MHz1545 MHz1730 MHz1710 MHz1695 MHz
Compute Units28 CU40 CU48 CU68 CU48 CU68 CU82 CU
Cores – CUDA (Shader)3584 Cores2560 Cores3072 Cores4352 Cores5888 Cores8704 Cores10496 Cores
Cores – RT0 Cores40 Cores48 Cores68 Cores46 Cores68 Cores82 Cores
Cores – Tensor0 Cores320 Cores384 Cores544 Cores384 Cores544 Cores656 Cores
L1 Cache48 KB64 KB64 KB64 KB192 KB192 KB192 KB
L2 Cache2.75MB4MB4MB5.5MB4MB5MB6MB
PEAK FP3211.34 TFlop/s9 TFlop/s11.15 TFlop/s13.45 TFlop/s20.31 TFlop/s29.77 TFlop/s35.58 TFlop/s
PEAK INT320 TIP/s8 TIP/s10 TIP/s13.4 TIP/s13.4 TIP/s13.4 TIP/s13.4 TIP/s
Performance – Rays0.7 GR/s7 GR/s8 GR/s10 GR/s10 GR/s10 GR/s10 GR/s
Performance – RTX7.5 RTX-OP/s52 RTX-OP/s63 RTX-OP/s78 RTX-OP/s78 RTX-OP/s78 RTX-OP/s78 RTX-OP/s
Performance – Tensor0 TFlop/s72.5 TFlop/s89 TFlop/s107 TFlop/s163 TFlop/s238 TFlop/s285 TFlop/s
Raster Ops (ROP/s)88 ROPs64 ROPs64 ROPs88 ROPs64 ROPs88 ROPs96 ROPs
Rate – Pixels139.2 GP/s113 GP/s116.2 GP/s136 GP/s110 GP/s150 GP/s163 GP/s
Rate – Textures354.4 GT/s283 GT/s348.5 GT/s420 GT/s317.4 GT/s465 GT/s556 GT/s
Texture Map (TMU)224 TMU160 TMU192 TMU272 TMU184 TMU272 TMU328 TMU
Memory Amount11GB8GB8GB11GB8GB10GB24GB
Memory Bandwidth484.4 GB/s448 GB/s496 GB/s616 GB/s512 GB/s760 GB/s935.8 GB/s
Memory Interface Bus352 bits256 bits256 bits352 bits256 bits320 bits384 bits
Memory Speed (single)1376 MHz1750 MHz1937 MHz1750 MHz1750MHz2375 MHz2437MHz
Power and Temperatures
Max GPU Temp94 deg89 deg89 deg89 deg93 deg93 deg93 deg
Max Power Draw (TDP)180W215W250W250W220W320W350W
Min Power Supply500W550W600W600W550W700W750W

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