All Ranks in VALORANT

VALORANT is a highly competitive FPS and thus, it is important that there is a way for players to compete with other players in their own skill level. Like other popular first-person shooters, VALORANT has a ranked mode, this is called competitive matchmaking.

In this guide, we will go over all the ranks and tiers that are available in VALORANT competitive matchmaking and explain how it works.

VALORANT Ranks Competitive Matchmaking

How to play competitive mode in VALORANT

Before you can start to play the competitive mode in VALORANT, you will first have to play 20 unrated matches. After you have played 20 unrated matches, you will unlock competitive matchmaking mode.

This is made so that new players do not just jump into competitive mode, which can be annoying for teammates but also themselves since they are just learning the game.

You can queue up as a team of 5, but you must all be within 2 ranks of each other. This corresponds to 6 tiers. This means, that if one in your team is Iron 01, the highest in the team can be Bronze 03 at max.

All VALORANT ranks

VALORANT has a total of 8 ranks. In each rank, there are 3 different tiers, with the exception of the highest rank, there there is only 1 tier.

The ranks in competitive mode are:

VALORANT Competitive Matchmaking Ranks


  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Immortal

The lowest rank is iron, while the highest rank is VALORANT.

How to rank up in VALORANT

When you start playing VALORANT, your rank will mostly be based on your personal performance. The more games you play however, the more weight will be put on how many games you win. Besides this, the actual algorithm behind the ranks is unknown. Games like these usually implement an ELO rating system, where you are given points behind the scenes. When you reach a certain threshold of ELO points, you will be leveled/ranked up. ELO points are gained by winning matches, but as stated previously, VALORANT will also take personal performance in matches into consideration.

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