How To Level Up Skins & Weapons in VALORANT

Sometimes when you buy a skin in the VALORANT store, it will come with the ability to be upgraded. In this guide, we will explain how you can upgrade the weapon/gun/knife skins in VALORANT.

Like many other free-to-play games, VALORANT offers microtransactions, where players can buy cosmetics for their weapons. Not all skins in VALORANT can be upgraded, an example of this is the Prism weapon collection.

What does upgrade do to your skin

Upgrades can add various things to your skin, and there can be different levels. The Reaver Operator skin has 5 levels, whereas the Reaver Vandal Skin only has 4 levels.

When you buy the weapon skin, it starts at level 1. For the Reaver Vandal skin, level 2 will give the gun a different VFX (visual effect) and audio sound (when shooting). Level 3 will change the reload animation and level 4 will change the killbanner & finisher (effect when you eliminate enemies).

VALORANT Reaver Vandal Skin

This is how the upgrade screen looks in VALORANT.

How to level up skins

To level up skins, you need Radianite points. Radiante points can be bought in the store for VALORANT points, which again can be bought for real-life money. Besides this, Radianite points can be earned through the battle pass.

Usually, each level will cost you 10 radianite points.


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