List of Fortnite Scrim Discords [Updated]

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This is just a quick post with an updated list of our current Fortnite scrim Discord servers.

The list is meant for competitive and professional players to find a place to play against other competitive players in a fun and friendly environment.

All the servers are free to join and there are no requirements to get into the servers. However, please read the rules of the servers and the how-to channel on how to get started.

If you know of some Discord servers we should put on the list, then please leave a comment on this page.

ProSettings DiscordAllAllNone92,000Join Discord server
Fortnite NA PC Scrims & SnipesPCNorth America (NA East, NA West)None22,000Join Discord server
Fortnite EU PC Scrims & SnipesPCEuropeNone18,000Join Discord server
Fortnite OCE PC Scrims & SnipesPCOceaniaNone4,500Join Discord server
Fortnite Console Scrims & SnipesXbox + PlayStationNorth America, Europe, OceaniaNone26,000Join Discord server
YoGaming DiscordAllAllNone14,000Join Discord server
Fortnite Tournaments (no scrims)AllAllNone8,000Join Discord server

Again, please make sure to read the rules and instructions upon joining the servers.

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Professional Players

Norway VNHL Michael Gustad K/D ratio: 5.46 Win rate: 22.99%
Canada Shroud Michael Grzesiek K/D ratio: 5.46 Win rate: 22.99%
JoeyyFN K/D ratio: 5.46 Win rate: 22.99%
United Kingdom Benjyfishy Benjy K/D ratio: 4.41 Win rate: 15.55%
United Kingdom Stodeh Tom Stoddart or Timothy Brighton K/D ratio: 4.41 Win rate: 15.55%