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The ProSettings Network & Discord Server Network expands over multiple Discord servers. On this page, you will find a complete list of all the Discord servers we are involved with in some way. It can also be the Discord servers we have a partnership with.

All the Discord servers have one thing in common – they are related to gaming and esports. They cover all kind of topics within gaming; Fortnite, scrims, custom games, creative servers, CS:GO, Apex Legends, Looking-for-group (LFG) Discords, general gaming (YoGaming) and professional esports organizations.

ProSettings Discord List + Link

NameTopicApprox. Member countLink
ProSettings Scrims & CustomsFortnite Scrims and Custom Games+230,000Join Discord server
ProSettings.comOur official Discord for the ProSettings website – Tips & Tricks, Guides, gaming, and esports in general+6000Join Discord server
YoGamingGaming & Esports in general – Fortnite, Save the World, CS:GO, Apex Legends, Looking for a group (LFG)+50,000Join Discord server
Fortnite Creative GamesFortnite Zone Wars, Turtle Wars and other creative games for competitive players+10,000Join Discord server
Fortnite TournamentsFortnite Tournaments with cash prizes+25,000Join Discord server
1Tap EsportsProfessional gaming organization/clan/team+15,000Join Discord server
Apex Legends HubApex Legends & Apex Legends Scrims+10,000Join Discord server
CS:GO ProCS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), competitive CS:GO, trading, looking-for-group, looking for teammates+10,000Join Discord server
Fortnite NA PC Scrims & SnipesPC+70,000Join Discord server
Fortnite EU PC Scrims & SnipesPC+50,000Join Discord server
Fortnite OCE PC Scrims & SnipesPC+15,000Join Discord server
Fortnite Console Scrims & SnipesXbox + PlayStation+100,000Join Discord server

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Professional Players

United States of America Seagull Brandon Larned
United States of America HighDistortion Jimmy Moreno
United States of America HusKers
United States of America TimTheTatman Timothy John Betar
United States of America dizzy Coby Meadows