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The ProSettings Network & Discord Server Network expands over multiple Discord servers. On this page, you will find a complete list of all the Discord servers we are involved with in some way. It can also be the Discord servers we have a partnership with.

All the Discord servers have one thing in common – they are related to gaming and esports. They cover all kind of topics within gaming; Fortnite, scrims, custom games, creative servers, CS:GO, Apex Legends, Looking-for-group (LFG) Discords, general gaming (YoGaming) and professional esports organizations.

ProSettings Discord List + Link

NameTopicApprox. Member countLink
ProSettings Scrims & CustomsFortnite Scrims and Custom Games+230,000Join Discord server
ProSettings.comOur official Discord for the ProSettings website – Tips & Tricks, Guides, gaming, and esports in general+6000Join Discord server
YoGamingGaming & Esports in general – Fortnite, Save the World, CS:GO, Apex Legends, Looking for a group (LFG)+50,000Join Discord server
Fortnite Creative GamesFortnite Zone Wars, Turtle Wars and other creative games for competitive players+10,000Join Discord server
Fortnite TournamentsFortnite Tournaments with cash prizes+25,000Join Discord server
1Tap EsportsProfessional gaming organization/clan/team+15,000Join Discord server
Apex Legends HubApex Legends & Apex Legends Scrims+10,000Join Discord server
CS:GO ProCS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), competitive CS:GO, trading, looking-for-group, looking for teammates+10,000Join Discord server
Fortnite NA PC Scrims & SnipesPC+70,000Join Discord server
Fortnite EU PC Scrims & SnipesPC+50,000Join Discord server
Fortnite OCE PC Scrims & SnipesPC+15,000Join Discord server
Fortnite Console Scrims & SnipesXbox + PlayStation+100,000Join Discord server

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Professional Players

United States of America Skadoodle Tyler Latham
United States of America Seagull Brandon Larned
Germany LIRIK Saqib Zahid
United States of America MOONMOON_OW
United States of America Daequan Daequan Loco