VALORANT Weapons Guide

VALORANT features a lot of different weapons, which you can buy at the start of each round, much like the CS:GO buy system. In this article, we will go into details on what guns are available, and what the best weapons in VALORANT are. If you are new to the game, this guide is a great place to start. If you are a competitive player, it is a must to know the economy around the buying system, gun mechanics and the best guns in the game.

Since the game is still in beta, a lot may change with time. We will keep this article updated. If you see something wrong, please leave a comment.

VALORANT Best Weapons Guide

VALORANT economy – The buy menu & shop

Weapons can be bought at the beginning of each round via the buy menu. To in-game currency is called “Creds”, and weapons have different prices.

If you have played CS:GO before, this will not be new to you. You can use the buy menu/shop to buy guns, armor (shields), and abilities (these act like grenades in CS:GO).

VALORANT buy menu

Example of the buy menu in VALORANT.

VALORANT Gun mechanics

While we don’t know much about this yet, we DO know that each gun has its own unique recoil patterns. Again, if you have played CS:GO before, this will be familiar to you. Some of the rifles will also feature aim down sight (ADS), this is usually guns with a scope.

List of weapons and guns in VALORANT

Overall, there are five different categories:

  • Primary weapon
  • Sidearm (secondary weapon)
  • Shields
  • Abilities
  • Melee

Besides this, there are possible also a melee weapon

Primary weapons

The primary weapons are split into various categories:

  • Rifles
  • SMGs
  • Shotguns
  • Snipers
  • Heavy


These are the assault rifles available in VALORANT. These are probably going to be the most used guns, as they offer a great variety in use cases (best for range, but can also be used in close combat).


Price: 2100

Burst-fire rifle. Also the cheapest rifle available.

GuardianVALORANT Guardian Rifle

Price: 2700

Semi-automatic rifle. Possible ADS scope.

PhantomVALORANT Phantom rifle

Price: 2900


VandalVALORANT Vandal Rifle

Price: 3200

This gun is referred to as the “AK-47” of VALORANT.


Two different SMGs are available. SMGs are cheaper than rifles but tend to perform worse in ranged combat. Their strength is usually in lower recoil while moving.

StingerVALORANT SMG Stinger

Price: 1000

SpectreVALORANT SMG Spectre

Price: 1600


Like with SMGs, two different shotguns can be bought. Shotguns excel at close combat but are close to useless in ranged combat.

BuckyVALORANT Shotgun Bucky

Price: 900

12 gauge pump shotgun.

JudgeVALORANT Shotgun Judge

Price: 1500



Heavy rifles, or LMGs, offer a large magazine and therefore can shot a lot more bullets compared to other guns before running out of ammo. The trade-off is less mobility, as they are heavier and bulkier.

AresVALORANT Heavy Ares

Price: 1700

OdinVALORANT Heavy Odin

Price: 3200


VALORANT offers two sniper rifles. These correspond to the scout and AWP in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

MarshalVALORANT Sniper Marshal

Price: 1100

The “scout” of VALORANT. A light sniper rifle that offers more mobility compared to the operator, but at the cost of lower damage.

OperatorVALORANT Sniper Operator

Price: 4500

The “AWP” of VALORANT. Huge damage potential (possible 1 hit 1 kill), but at the cost of mobility and reload time (precise aim is rewarded).

Sidearms (secondary weapons) or pistols

From the start, there will be five different sidearms available. One is the default pistol that all players begin with.

ClassicVALORANT Sidearm Classic

Price: Free

The default pistol that all agents start with.

ShortyVALORANT Sidearm Shorty

Price: 200

A sawed-off shotgun at a low cost.

FrenzyVALORANT Sidearm Frenzy

Price: 400

Fully-automatic pistol.

GhostVALORANT Sidearm Ghost

Price: 500

Standard pistol with better armor penetration.

SheriffVALORANT Sidearm Sheriff

Price: 800

The handgun of VALORANT. Slow but powerful.


Shields works like body armor in other games. In VALORANT two kind of shields are available:

  • Light shields
  • Heavy shields
Light ShieldVALORANT Light Shield

Price: 400

Light shields provide basic armor and protection.

Heavy ShieldVALORANT Heavy Shield

Price: 1000

The heavy shield will provide better protection compared to the light shield.


Everyone has a melee weapon, which is the tactical knife.

VALORANT Tactical Knife

Abilities (utilities)

Each agent has unique abilities.

You can read more about the agents and their abilities in our VALORANT agent’s guide.

The best guns and weapons in VALORANT

You might be wondering what the best guns or weapons are in VALORANT. Since the game is still in early development, we cannot be certain and it will also be subject to change. From previous experience and taking the price into consideration as well as the maps we have seen so far, we have taken the freedom to make an educated guess. This is heavily based on the fact that guns and game mechanics are very similar to CS:GO.

The best rifle in VALORANT: The Vandal

It is our prediction that the Vandal will be one of the most used guns in the game. Its reminiscence of the AK-47 from Counter-Strike will probably mean that it will be a headshot machine.

The best sniper rifle in VALORANT: The Operator

Again, drawing on experience from CS:GO and the similarity the Operator shares with the AWP, our prediction is that this will be the go-to sniper rifle. It will probably be a one-hit-wonder, killing enemies with one shot to the body.

While these two guns will probably be the favorites and most used guns, we have more predictions.

SMGs might be used in rounds where money (or creds) are low, so-called “eco rounds”. They will probably not be used much outside of this.

The same is true for the shotguns that will be somewhat niche, even though we could be wrong on this. Maps seem a tad smaller, and shotguns might be more viable on some maps.

The Sheriff will probably also enjoy some glory, as it will likely do a lot of damage and in general reward precise aiming. It could be the go-to gun for aim gods, whenever they are low on money.

Another prediction is that the shorty will be a popular sidearm buy. It might complement a long-range rifle or sniper, in situations where you will get close to the enemy.


We hope that this guide has helped your understanding of the guns and mechanisms. If you have any questions or corrections, feel free to leave a comment.

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