VALORANT Agents Guide

Instead of heroes, champions, legends or characters, you play as an agent in VALORANT. The game will have various agents to choose from, all with their own unique abilities. Each agent will have four abilities, each with its own purpose:

  • Two purchasable abilities: can be bought at the beginning of a round via the buy menu.
  • Signature ability: Automatically recharged every time a new round starts. This ability also has a cooldown which varies.
  • Ultimate ability: similar to the ultimate in Overwatch – recharges by getting eliminations and completing objectives.

VALORANT Agents and Abilities

Full list of agents and abilities in VALORANT

This is currently the full list of agents and their abilities available in VALORANT. In the future, more agents will most likely be available.

Agent Breach

VALORANT Agent Breach

Breach Abilities

  • Aftershock
  • Flashpoint
  • Signature ability: Fault Line
  • Ultimate ability: Rolling Thunder

Agent Brimstone

Brimstone Abilities

  • Incendiary
  • Stim Beacon
  • Signature ability: Sky Smoke
  • Ultimate ability: Orbital Strike

Agent Cypher

Cypher is the spy of VALORANT.

Cypher Abilities

  • Trapwire
  • Cyber Cage
  • Signature ability: Spycam
  • Ultimate ability: Neural Theft

VALORANT Agent Cypher


Agent Jett


Jett Abilities

  • Cloudburst
  • Updraft
  • Signature ability: Tailwind
  • Ultimate ability: Blade Storm

Agent Oment

Oment Abilities

  • Paranoia
  • Shadow Talk
  • Signature ability: Dark Cover
  • Ultimate ability: From the Shadows

Agent Phoenix

VALORANT Agent Phoenix

Phoenix Abilities

  • Hot Hands
  • Blaze
  • Signature ability: Curveball
  • Ultimate ability: Run it Back

Agent Raze

Raze Abilities

  • Boom Bot
  • Blast Pack
  • Signature ability: Cluster Grenade
  • Ultimate ability: Showstopper

Agent Sage

Sage Abilities

  • Barrier Orb
  • Slow Orb
  • Signature ability: Healing Orb
  • Ultimate ability: Resurrection

Agent Sova

Sova Abilities

  • Shock Bolt
  • Owl Drone
  • Signature ability: Recon Bolt
  • Ultimate ability: Hunter’s Fury

Agent Viper

Viper Abilities

  • Snakebite
  • Poison Cloud
  • Signature ability: Toxic Screen
  • Ultimate ability: Viperøs Pit

The Best Agents in VALORANT

Since the game is still in beta, it is too early to say who the best agents are. Our prediction is that Sage will be a valuable agent since she works as a healer (or medic) and has the ultimate ability to resurrect teammates.

Feel free to comment on which agents you believe are the best in the game and why this is.

The Best Abilities in VALORANT

The best abilities will, without doubt, be the ultimate abilities. Besides this, we can take a look at which agents have the best abilities overall, and which abilities individually are best in their category.

The best purchasable abilities

It is too early to say which of the purchasable abilities are the best.

The best signature ability

It is too early to say which of the signature abilities are the best.

The best ultimate ability

It is too early to say which of the ultimate abilities are the best.

We will update the guide as soon as we have more info. If you have any opinions then feel free to leave a comment and share it with us.

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