Vega Squadron

Vega Squadron is a Russian professional esports organization founded in 2012. They field teams in games like StarCraft II, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone.

Find the best competitive settings used by professional Vega Squadron players and streamers. Whether you are a competitive esports player or casual gamer, you can find inspiration to improve your gaming here. Our big database and list include the best Vega Squadron resolution, DPI, crosshair, mouse settings, keybindings, ViewModel, configs as well as video & graphics settings. Besides this, we have also collected pro players’ hardware setups including which keyboard, headset, mousepad, gaming mouse, chair and monitor they use.

Vega Squadron Counter-Strike Global Offensive Roster

Russian Federation keshandr Sergey Nikishin K/D ratio: 0.93 Rating: 0.93
Russian Federation kibaken Anton Kolesnikov K/D ratio: 0.95 Rating: 0.94
Russian Federation chopper Leonid Vishnyakov K/D ratio: 1.02 Rating: 1.01
Ukraine crush Igor Shevchenko K/D ratio: 0.94 Rating: 0.94
Russian Federation hutji Pavel Lashkov K/D ratio: 0.96 Rating: 0.96
Ukraine jR Dmitriy Chervak K/D ratio: 1.07 Rating: 1.04