Team Kinguin

Team Kinguin is a professional esports organization founded in 2015. The team is sponsored by, a CD key retailer based in Hong Kong.

Find the best competitive settings used by professional Team Kinguin players and streamers. Whether you are a competitive esports player or casual gamer, you can find inspiration to improve your gaming here. Our big database and list include the best Team Kinguin DPI, configs, keybindings, ViewModel, mouse settings, crosshair, resolution as well as video & graphics settings. Besides this, we have also collected pro players’ hardware setups including which keyboard, chair, mousepad, gaming mouse, monitor and headset they use.

Team Kinguin Counter-Strike Global Offensive Roster

Poland TaZ Wiktor Wojtas K/D ratio: 1.02 Rating: 0.99
Poland Hyper Bartosz Wolny K/D ratio: 1.01 Rating: 0.98
Poland Loord Mariusz Cybulski K/D ratio: 0.91 Rating: 0.9
Poland MINISE Jacek Jeziak K/D ratio: 1.03 Rating: 1.02
Poland mouz Mikołaj Karolewski K/D ratio: 1.08 Rating: 1.04
Poland rallen Karol Rodowicz K/D ratio: 1.09 Rating: 1.05
Poland reatz Paweł Jańczak K/D ratio: 1.06 Rating: 1.04

Team Kinguin Fortnite Roster

Poland Hycel Krawczyk Jakub