Não Tem Como

Não Tem Como (“There is no way”) is a Brazilian professional esports organization. Currently it has a team competing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They have previously played under the name NL6Ng (Na LAN Seis Não guenta – “You can’t withstand us on LAN”).

Here you will find the best competitive settings used by professional Não Tem Como players and streamers. Whether you are a casual gamer or competitive esports player, you can find inspiration to improve your gaming here. Our big database and list include the best Não Tem Como DPI, keybindings, mouse settings, ViewModel, crosshair, configs, resolution as well as video & graphics settings. Besides this, we have also collected pro players’ hardware setups including which gaming mouse, chair, mousepad, monitor, headset and keyboard they use.

Não Tem Como Counter-Strike Global Offensive Roster

Brazil bit Bruno Lima K/D ratio: 1.05 Rating: 1.02
Brazil chelo Marcelo Cespedes K/D ratio: 1.07 Rating: 1.05
Brazil felps João Vasconcellos K/D ratio: 1.06 Rating: 1.06
Brazil fnx Lincoln Lau K/D ratio: 1.12 Rating: 1.07
Brazil kNgV Vito Giuseppe K/D ratio: 1.26 Rating: 1.19