Best League of Legends Pro Settings

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The League of Legends pro sheet contains the latest LoL pro settings from the best professional esports organization.

Here you will find an updated list with the best settings, gear setups (mouse, keyboard, monitor, PC, microphone, gaming chair, headset and so on), mouse settings (sensitivity, DPI, polling rate), video settings (graphics settings, resolution, aspect ratio, monitor refresh rates), keybinds and much more from professional League of Legends players.

While copying the settings from pro players does not make you a better play, it can serve as inspiration when you are tweaking your own settings. Often imitating the best players in the world, will improve your overall gameplay.

If you see any incorrect or missing information, then please leave a comment on this page or the player page and include your source of information. This helps us to keep the list up to date at all times.

League of Legends Pro Sheet – List of Pro League of Legends Players

PlayerTeamMouseHzMouse SpeedDPIMonitorHzResolutionKeyboardMousepadHeadset
Tyler1 Streamers Logitech G Pro100050800 BenQ XL2430T2401920x1080 Razer BlackWido... Reformed Mousem... Logitech G430
Bjergsen Team SoloMid Logitech G90050050200 BenQ XL2430T2401920x1080 Logitech G910 Logitech G640 Logitech G933 A...
Faker SK Telecom T1 CORSAIR SABRE1000703500 BenQ XL2430T2401920x1080 CORSAIR K70 RGB CORSAIR MM400 Corsair Void Pro