Fortnite News: Solo Showdown LTM

Fortnite Solo Showdown LTM

Updated 17.5.2018: Solo Showdown is live and will end on May 21, 2018.

EPIC Games today announced a new Limited Time Mode (LTM) in Fortnite Battle Royale called Solo Showdown. The new LTM, works like a tournament with the first place contender winning 50,000 V-bucks. The announcement also marks the first signs of competitive Fortnite, as EPIC said major announcements about competitive play would follow in the next week.

EPIC says that they will use the mode to learn more about building events for all types of players, implying they will make more events for competitive players in the future.

There are several prices in the new mode, depending on which place one gets in the mode:

  • 1st place receives 50,000 V-bucks
  • 2nd – 4th place receives 25,000 V-bucks
  • 5th – 50th place receives 13,500 V-bucks
  • 51th-100th place receives 7,500 V-bucks

In total the price winnings summarize to 1,121,000 V-bucks which corresponds to roughly $11,199 if you use the price of $9.99 for 1,000 V-bucks.