Fortnite FOV Slider

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There has been a lot of talk about adding a FOV slider in Fortnite. FOV stands for Field Of View. Competitive players for a long time played on stretched resolutions to gain the advantage of a wider FOV. However, Fortnite later decided to ban stretched resolutions to “level the playing field” amongst players.

The competitive community reacted with outrage and demanded that EPIC Games added a FOV slider to the in-game settings like many other games have it.

EPIC responded that the default FOV of 80, was decided on as it gave the best balance and reduced motion sickness.

However, most of the competitive community later debunked this and called out EPIC for their explanation.

It seems that the controversy around this topic has died out a little recently, but we are still hopeful that EPIC will someday reconsider their opinion on the FOV slider.

Here at ProSettings, we have made a FOV slider concept as how it could be implemented into the game.

Fortnite FOV Slider

The FOV range could go from 75-110, 80 being the default FOV as currently in the game.

What do you think? Should EPIC Games add a FOV slider to the Fortnite settings?