Apex Legends Hackers

It didn’t take long after Apex Legends came out before the game got an inflow of cheaters and hackers. It is no surprise, that a first-person shooter game that is so popular, would also attract a large group of hackers. Apex Legends hacks can be frustrating for all other players, as the hacks give the user a huge advantage. Hacks used in first-person shooter games usually include features like aimbot, wallhacks, or ESP hacks. An aimbot means that the cheat software will aim for the player automatically, all the user have to do is press a key to shoot. Wallhack works by letting the user see enemies through the walls, showing their positions at all times.

Up until now, Respawn has publicly said that they are doing everything to stop cheaters in Apex Legends, and rightfully so. A developer that would not combat cheaters, would likely see their game die pretty fast as nobody likes to play against cheaters. Valve has fought a battle against hackers for many years in CS:GO, and it is reported that they have large amounts of servers dedicated to just this task, as the tools developed by hackers get more and more sophisticated.

There is some good news, however, a couple of days ago several reports came in, especially on Reddit, that a lot of users were complaining in Forums and websites dedicated to cheats, that they had their accounts hardware banned. A hardware ban means that the user will not be able to create a new account on the same machine, ever. It is harder so circumvent that other bans, like account bans or IP bans, since it required new hardware to circumvent, whereas account bans can be circumvented just by creating a new account – something that is pretty simple given that the game is free to play. IP bans require a little more technical knowledge but can be circumvented pretty simple by a proxy. Hardware bans, on the other hand, require even more technical knowledge to prevent, and will often include spoofing the hardware ID of the computer.