Valiance & Co

Valiance & Co is a German esports organisation.

Valiance & Co Roster. Find the latest settings, best gaming gear, and sensitivity used by competitive pro players from Valiance & Co esports team. Our database and list include Valiance & Co players mouse settings, ViewModel, DPI, configs, resolution, stats, crosshair, keybindings as well as video & graphics settings. Besides this, we have also collected the players’ hardware setups including which gaming mouse, keyboard, chair, headset, monitor and mousepad they use.

Valiance & Co Counter-Strike Global Offensive Roster

Serbia emi Luka Vuković K/D ratio: 0.96 Rating: 0.95
Bosnia and Herzegovina huNter Nemanja Kovač K/D ratio: 1.18 Rating: 1.14
Serbia LETN1 Nestor Tanić K/D ratio: 1.12 Rating: 1.07