Dota 2 Pro Settings

Welcome to the Dota 2 pro sheet – a comprehensive list of Dota 2 pro settings from ProSettings.

On this page, you will find the latest settings and gear from competitive and professional Dota 2 players. We collect settings from players signed to major esports organization and smaller teams as well as popular streamers and content creators.

Our list includes video settings, DPI and mouse settings, configs, keybinds, gear, peripherals (mouse, keyboard, headset and so on), hero settings and much more.

Is this the best settings? The best settings depend on personal preference, but finding inspiration from professional players is often a good starting point for tweaking your own in-game settings.

It has been shown, that optimizing your settings and upgrading your gear, can give you an advantage when playing competitively. This does not mean that professional players have the best settings or the best gear, but finding inspiration and looking at consensus among the top players, will often help you tweak your own settings and selecting the right gear.